A complete window cleaning for a 2500 square foot home constitutes a full day’s work for the homeowner. That same home will take us 2 hours or less, for superior results.

Competitive Pricing

Our commercial window cleaning services in the Boulder-Denver, CO metro area offers a competitive pricing model that caters to the entire Metro area.

High Quality Services


Here at Sonlight Window Cleaning, we provide professional, high quality commercial and residential window washing and cleaning throughout the Denver metro and Boulder areas. Our-family owned and operated business has currently served over 6,000 clients, which can be attributed to our consistent service and values.

Window Cleaning Services

Residential Window Cleaning

We charge a starting rate of $6 for each window pane, with a minimum charge of $150, including the inside and outside surfaces, without regard to size or travel costs. As part of our residential cleaning service, we will clean your screens and wipe off all tracks and sills. For an extra charge, we can also remove hard water, remove paint and clean skylights.

Commercial Window Cleaning

For commercial windows, we charge a starting rate of $3 per pane, which includes the inside and outside surfaces in addition to wiping of the sills and travel fees. We do charge a minimum of $100 for commercial window cleaning jobs and do charge extra for paint and hard water removal, skylight cleaning and 3rd story glass cleaning. High rise and other large commercial buildings are bid on site.

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction projects can leave your windows extremely dirty, not to mention that construction clean up is a very delicate process. Starting at $10 a pane, we will carefully check and clean every window with extra caution to avoid scratches. The service includes screen cleaning, track and sill cleaning and ladder work.

High Quality Services


We strive to provide an easy and seamless experience to all of our customers. We accomplish this by promoting a positive workplace environment for our team.

Sonlight exists to create an exceptional workplace by delivering excellence in window cleaning and contributing to the well being of every customer.

Putting an emphasis on our workplace may seem out of the ordinary for a window cleaning company, but we believe that by putting extra effort into serving each other, our customers will reap the benefits. This has resulted in a team that enjoys their work and take pride in the level of quality they provide. It’s this confidence in our team that allows us to provide a one-hour window of arrival and a satisfaction guarantee.

Window Washing for Business and Home in Denver and Boulder

Sonlight Window Cleaning has brought professional window cleaning to thousands of homes and businesses in the Denver and Boulder communities. Our independent, family-owned business has helped residents, building managers, and business owners take on deep window cleaning without sacrificing their own valuable time. Call us to help you reclaim your Saturdays.

Commercial Window Cleaning in Denver and Boulder

Sonlight schedules commercial window washing in Boulder and Denver for your business based on your cleaning and maintenance needs, whether it’s every week, month or quarter. Our complete service on both sides of the pane, interior and exterior. We’ll fit our services to conform to the amount of cleaning you need.

Benefits of Business Window Cleaning

Businesses We Serve

Sonlight’s commercial window washing in Boulder and Denver covers virtually any type of business or organization’s building, large or small:

  • Retail stores and centers
  • Office buildings
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • Glass atrium entries

Services We Provide

Residential Window Cleaning in Denver and Boulder

Homeowners don’t usually think cleaning their windows is a big deal—until they try it. Then they realize there’s a lot more to keeping windows in spotless condition. Deep cleaning is the only way to ensure that your windows are truly clean inside and out.

Sonlight Window Cleaning’s residential window washing in Denver and Boulder helps you reclaim your Saturdays. Our professionals have worked on hundreds of homes, giving their windows complete cleanings that most residents simply can’t do on their own. We get down inside all the small, hidden parts of your window that trap the dirt and debris that are just as important to get rid of.

Benefits of Professional Residential Window Cleaning

Buildings We Serve

Sonlight’s residential window cleaning in Denver and Boulder covers every type of home, whether it’s a building you own, rent or manage, including:

  • Houses
  • Apartment complexes
  • Multi Family homes
  • Condos and townhomes

Sonlight’s residential window cleaning in Boulder and Denver takes complete care of your surface cleaning needs. Call us for an estimate.

Services We Provide

We Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

At Sonlight Window Cleaning The Job Is Not Done Until You Are Satisfied. Call Us Today!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Finding a time during the work week can be a challenge so we do not require you to be present. We just need to know which surfaces you want cleaned (basement and/or garage), how to gain access to the inside (our clients often leave a key in a secret location), and where to leave the invoice. We are happy to work with any specific instructions that you have for us.


We understand that plans change so we ask that you give us at least 48 hours notice on all non-emergent cancellations that way we can fill the time gap.


We reschedule appointments for 3 reasons; 1) active precipitation, 2) the high temperature for the day is below 37 degrees, and 3) wind gusts above 50 mph. Generally we try to wait until the morning of the cleaning before making any changes to the schedule. Having closely watched Denver weather for many years, we’ve seen plenty of rainy forecasts turn to beautiful sunny days so we are hesitant to reschedule on the basis of a 7 day forecast. On a day when it is necessary to reschedule we do our very best to inform you before 8:30am.

Winter Window Cleaning: We clean through all seasons so long as it is not precipitating and the forecast calls for a high temperature above 40 degrees.


Residential = $3.00 per pane. Commercial = $1.50 per pane. Post-construction = $5 per pane (these are all starting base rates)